MONEY VS LEGAL TENDER - The US Dollar as a “dummy” of exchange

The US Dollar as a “dummy” of exchange

A primary downfall of the American nation is a fundamental lack of awareness that the USDollar is not money. Try to explain that to the common person, and receive a blank stare. The USD is declared by fiat as valid legal tender, nothing more. That means it is legitimate legal medium of exchange to settle debts public and private, to pay bills, to settle accounts, to buy things. However, it is not money. For 42 years since the Gold Standard was broken, the nation has used unsound money, phony money. Such is not taught in college economics classes. Since it is actually (by default) denominated debt, the painful process of debt writedown will act like a wrecking ball to the wealth of the nation. Bank accounts, stock accounts, pension funds, and all types of wealth will suffer a debt writedown since the unit of supposed wealth is a debt unit. The USDollar is not money. They might as well have declared salt to be money, often used by the tribes who sold Manhattan in exchange for trinkets.


Money vs Legal Tender - Deceptions, Dupes & Dots

Obamacare Iceberg

Browsing through the particular plans available to people in certain geographical areas, it is clear why the administration was adamant that people be required to enroll before having access to the prices they would be paying. There will be considerable ‘sticker-shock’ to put it mildly. 

ObamaCare website suffers new outage as Republicans say glitches only ‘tip of … - Fox News Mon, 28 Oct 2013 07:29:30 GMT

ObamaCare website suffers new outage as Republicans say glitches only ‘tip of …Fox NewsJindal also told Fox News the bigger issue is that problems like those related to the ObamaCare website are almost inevitable when the federal government gets to …

'Gravity' wins box office again

 Actress Sandra Bullock arrives at a gala screening of her film ''Gravity'' at the London Film Festival at a cinema in Leicester Square, central London, October 10, 2013. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

The 3-D outer space thriller, “Gravity,” continued to rocket past its box office competition over the weekend, eclipsing newcomer “Carrie,” to maintain its tight grip on the U.S. and Canadian box offices.

via Sandra Bullock, ‘Gravity’ rocket past ‘Carrie’ to win box office

"Gravity," starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts stranded in space, grabbed $31 million in ticket sales at North American theaters to hold the top spot for the third consecutive weekend. It had overall ticket sales of more than $170.6 million.

via Sandra Bullock, ‘Gravity’ rocket past ‘Carrie’ to win box office

“Gravity” has become a word-of-mouth darling in its third week in movie theaters. Made for a relatively modest $100 million for a special effects film, “Gravity” has been boosted by IMAX’s ultra-large screens, which has accounted for $38 million in ticket sales.

via Sandra Bullock, ‘Gravity’ rocket past ‘Carrie’ to win box office

According to some astronauts, “Gravity” captures in a realistic way, the greatest fear for astronauts.